‘90 Day Fiancé’: Michael PLEADS w/ Angela to Reconcile

Last night, I was so furious that I left the hotel and stayed elsewhere. “Please, Ang, open the door,” Michael pleaded. Despite their explosive argument, he doesn’t think their marriage is over yet. On “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After,” Jasmine and Gino traveled to Florida for her pageant, but Jasmine was on edge. “You seem tense,” Gino observed. Jasmine snapped, “Don’t tell me I’m tense. I know I’m tense.” She complained about feeling bloated and stressed, especially since she had to wear a bikini. Gino, acting as her self-appointed pageant coach, recorded other contestants, which upset Jasmine. “Are you doing this to help me or for perverted reasons?” she accused, leading to tears as she felt unsupported.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Manuel argued over money. Manuel wanted to send more to his family, but Ashley put her foot down. Manuel’s threat to return to Ecuador triggered Ashley, reminding her of past traumas. She decided to investigate, suspecting Manuel was still in contact with his ex. “Manuel has presented to me like he doesn’t even talk to her,” Ashley found out.

John, Patrick, and Thaís faced drama after one of Thaís’ friends accused John of being a bad influence, leading to a heated exchange. John defended himself, and Patrick supported him, arguing that it was unfair for Thaís’ friend to judge John harshly.

Sophie wanted to take time away from Rob after an argument over granola bars. Rob was upset that Sophie ate the whole box, which he relied on for work. Their conflict hinted at deeper issues beyond the breakfast snack.

Alex got emotional as his dad left the U.S., reflecting on the wars in Ukraine and Israel. “I’m stuck here in Florida, living a life,” he said, feeling guilty about his safety. They had gotten used to having his dad around and hoped for a quick end to the war so they could reunite.

In the previous episode, a producer called hotel security during Angela and Michael’s fight. In the aftermath, Angela accused Michael of acting shady, which he denied. Despite his pleas, Angela remained suspicious, saying, “You have lied so much that it’s not my fault I can’t believe you.” She contemplated their future, emphasizing the need for an ending to their tumultuous relationship.

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