90 Day Fiance: Michael Wants Angela Back After Scamming Her? Begs Her To Reconcile!

Michael and Angela were an odd pair from the get-go. They depicted their journey on 90 Day Fiance, which had more lows than highs. So, viewers didn’t like their bond but did like all the drama they brought on screen. While the latter was super aggressive and unkind to her husband through her words and violence, he silently bore it.

90 Day Fiance

But in the new Happily Ever After episodes, fans are slowly getting the impression that Michael had been running a long scam. He wasn’t after leading a fruitful life with Angela but just a green card. His hot and cold nature is making viewers more and more suspicious of his intentions. He gave up on their relationship at one point but instantly wanted to get back together the next day.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Says He Can Save His Marriage! Goes Crawling Back To Angela

Michael and Angela have become the most toxic couple to come out of 90 Day Fiance. They were like any other argumentative and dramatic duo at first. But as seasons progressed, the latter’s abusive side intensified while her husband remained as submissive as ever. Well, Michael’s actions have started to make sense in the new season of Happily Ever After.

At last, Angela looked into Michael’s phone only to find he was part of a group by the name of “Paradise Men.” She realised her husband had been trying to scam her for 7 years. Well, at first, he decided to defend himself, trying to come up with many excuses, but the truth was already out. After a very physical brawl since Angela called the Hotel security on Michael, he left.

He was as angry as ever in the latest episode while leaving the hotel in the middle of the night. Michael wanted to find himself a new place to stay while saying Angela could “pull the visa” because he was “done.” He kept saying he was completely done and didn’t get angry often, but “enough was enough.”

But everything changed in the next segment of the episode. Michael came crawling back to Angela the next day, saying he could “save” their “marriage.” He caved in at last and tried to defend himself yet again while explaining his intentions about the group chat. Even Angela said that her heart wanted to give Michael a chance, while her mind was doubtful.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Are Sure Now That Michael Is Definitely Scamming Angela But They Don’t Care Anymore! Here’s Why

Angela and Michael have been showcasing their journey on 90 Day Fiance since 2020. But in the latest Happily Ever After episodes, fans are finally getting a clear picture. After seeing Michael go back on his words and desperately try to save his marriage with Angela, they are as sure as ever that he is only after the green card.

However, most of them are unbothered by this reveal. Many have been saying that after seeing Angela ill-treating Michael throughout their marriage, they don’t feel bad after seeing the scam fiasco. In fact, the Nigerian native now has tons of supporters who often congratulate him for coming a long way and leaving Angela after finally coming to the US.

As per the latest details, Angela had first reported Michael missing a few months ago. He then contacted the police to inform them he ran away from his wife as he feared for his life and has been living his life peacefully in Indianapolis.

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