90 Day Fiancé: Ruben DESTROYS “Lying” Debbie, EXPOSES TLC Storyline As Completely FAKE!

Hello everybody, Dan here. Welcome back to Daily Soap Dish. If you’re new, please hit that subscribe button below because we cover a ton of 90 Day Fiancé right here on the channel. Today’s story revolves around a topic that has been discussed extensively recently: the authenticity of storylines on 90 Day Fiancé.

We’ve previously discussed the possible fakeness of Josh Weinstein and Natalie Mordal’s storyline, with Josh allegedly having a girlfriend outside the show. However, today’s focus is on Debbie Aguero and Ruben, also known as Ruben the Cuban. While it’s been suspected that their relationship was fake, Ruben has now come forward with a detailed statement, revealing the truth behind their dynamic.

Ruben accuses Debbie of tarnishing his reputation and has taken legal action against her, claiming cyberstalking and harassment. He alleges that their relationship was never romantic, despite appearing as a couple on the show.

Debbie’s romantic history on the show includes a tumultuous relationship with Usama from Morocco, with a significant age gap. After her return to the USA, Debbie, now 67, was apprehensive about revealing her true age on dating apps and lied about being 57. Her son, Julian, was concerned about her safety, especially after her relationship with Usama.

Debbie then met Ruben online and was drawn to his romantic and exotic persona. Their relationship seemed promising until Julian raised concerns about Ruben’s criminal record and his intentions.

After their relationship ended, Ruben set up a GoFundMe initially asking for $100,000 but later reducing it to $10,000 for house repairs. This sparked controversy among fans, with some questioning Ruben’s credibility.

In response, Debbie has warned fans against donating to Ruben’s cause, claiming he has ulterior motives. The situation has escalated with both parties accusing each other of cyberstalking and harassment, leading to legal proceedings.

In conclusion, the authenticity of relationships on 90 Day Fiancé has been called into question, with some cast members resorting to GoFundMe campaigns for various reasons. The feud between Debbie and Ruben serves as a reminder that not everything is as it seems on reality TV.

90 Day Fiancé: Ruben DESTROYS "Lying" Debbie, EXPOSES TLC Storyline As  Completely FAKE!

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