90 Day Fiance: Shekinah’s Friends Are Worried As She Reveals Sarper Designed Her A New Nose!

Sarper Guven and Shekinah Garner are back with their chaotic storyline on the 90 Day Fiance franchise. They have already tested their audience’s patience and are continuing to do so again. But this time, it appears that things are getting way more bizarre than they initially were. Apparently, Sarper is now determined to change Shekinah’s appearance!



He has designed a new nose for Shekinah! The latter revealed this to her friends, who clearly were in disbelief. They were concerned about what Shekinah was getting into! What did they say? What are they up to?

90 Day Fiance: Shekinah’s Tells Her Friends That Sarper Is Designing A New Nose

90 Day Fiance viewers are well aware of Sarper Guven’s controlling nature. They witnessed him telling Shekinah how to dress and how to do makeup in a way that he liked. The celeb even used to keep a check on his beau’s weight and was way too worried about the way she looked. However, this obsession is now crossing all the limits.

Shekinah recently revealed to her friends that she was finally getting her nose done. She admitted that it has been bothering her for a while now. However, both of her besties were in disbelief when the celeb disclosed that Sarper actually designed a nose for her. Garner explained that her beau assured her that he would look into the matter.


Shekinah stated, “You know, like, he says, ‘Leave it to me. ‘ Leave it to me.’” She added that Sarper was ready to “explain” to her doctor, as he claimed to know what she wanted! Garner also appeared to be convinced, as she believed that she “trusted” him. The celeb’s friend sighed in disbelief and wondered how this conversation would have actually sounded like! They clearly were in shock in an exclusive clip by ET and tried to explain to their bestie how wrong this was!

90 Day Fiance: Shekinah’s Friends Expressed Their Concerns

90 Day Fiance star Shekinah Garner’s friends aren’t able to believe their eyes. They gave each other a side eye and wondered why their bestie was doing this to herself. One of them explained that she hasn’t even met Shekinah’s boyfriend, who apparently is a “stripper” and has already slept with 2,500 people in his past!


Shekinah’s friend confronted her, “I’m supposed to sit here and act like it’s no big deal?” She tried to explain that Sarper was on the verge of “controlling” the “centre” of her face, yet she was ready to “marry” him. The celeb’s female bestie concluded, “I can’t pretend like that’s not a big deal.” On the other hand, Garner’s male friend has a different set of concerns.

As per him, Shekinah is simply going with the flow as she feels that walking down the aisle with Sarper would fix everything. However, he believes that a mere piece of paper won’t make any difference, and things will get way more complicated. Shekinah’s friend concluded that letting a man design her nose was completely “insane.”

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