90 Day Fiance: Sophie Shares Current Location Amid Split Rumors With Rob!

Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne have been keeping their current relationship status under wraps for a long time. The former has been exploring new places and focusing on self-growth, while Rob has been spending time in California. The 90 Day Fiance stars made their debut in Season 10. Rob and Sophie were never an ideal match. They were the least expected couple to tie the knot.

90 Day Fiance

Fans were shocked when they became part of Happily Ever After Season 8. The TLC audience was expecting the couple to mature with time. But their relationship issues didn’t end even after marriage. Soon, rumors began spreading about the pair’s breakup on different social media platforms. Recently, Sophie stirred new rumors after sharing her current location.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Finally Reveals Her Current Location!

90 Day Fiance stars Sophie and Rob’s relationship was full of red flags. Their on-and-off relationship and poor chemistry failed to grab much attention from the audience. Fans were shocked when the former’s mom, Claire, revealed the abusive side of her son-in-law. She shared a horrific video of Rob Warne abusing his wife and yelling at the top of his voice over an issue.

However, Sophie cleared the air about the allegations and claimed that her husband never harmed her. Instead, she accused her mom of threatening her and try ing to kill her. Sophie has changed completely in the past few months. She has undergone a revenge makeover and embraced her natural beauty. Fans love to see her new attitude after her recent glow.

Hence, 90 Day Fiance viewers assumed she and Rob split. Sophie has been keeping her current location under wraps for a long time. Recently, she shared a new Instagram story about exploring Scottsdale, Arizona. She posted a few snaps about the Arizona sunshine and having a meal with her friend. Sophie shared a quick update about herself at the airport, too.

But she wasn’t ready to compromise her workout routine even during her trip. The TLC star posted a short video of herself working out at the gym. Sophie wrote, “Straight off a 6-hour flight to the gym stop playing w me.” Moreover, she shared some pictures of herself walking down the streets of Scottsdale.

90 Day Fiance: Did Sophie Dump Rob Already?

Sophie and Rob were never two peas in a pod. Their constant fights and breakups made it difficult to tie the knot. But they never gave up on each other despite the issues. Now, it seems that the pair failed to continue their marriage. Sophie and Rob have been giving many hints about their possible slit with their social media posts. They have not been posting anything about each other.

90 Day Fiance

Moreover, the former had a revenge makeover. She has become unstoppable and focuses more on her physical fitness. Hence, some viewers think that she already dumped her husband. However, these are all speculations, and fans will have to wait to find out if they are hiding their current dynamics due to the NDA.


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