90 Day Fiance: What Did Paul Do To Get Violently Assu*lted Publically?


90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle finds some way or another to get back into the headlines. Whether it is because of his chaotic relationship with Karine or because of his kids’ custody, he never stops raising eyebrows. However, this time, the tables have completely turned. Viewers were in disbelief when Staehle revealed the recent mishaps that took place with him.

Paul revealed that he was assaulted and ended up on a hospital bed. But what did he actually do to face an assault, that too, publicly? What is he up to? Is the celeb fine now?

90 Day Fiance: Why Did Paul Face A Public Assault?

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle and controversies go hand in hand. Wherever he goes, he ends up turning heads because of his chaotic persona. Hence, viewers aren’t really surprised when the celeb ends up getting into trouble and has to bear the consequences of it. However, this time, they were in shock because things went out of Staehle’s hands!

Paul recently took to Instagram to talk about his latest mishap. He claimed that he had a “Horrible day,” even when his intentions were pure. The celeb explained that there was a single mother who had just gotten out of a “violent relationship.” Hence, Staehle decided to step up for her help and brought food and diapers for her babies.


However, things went down the hill when the mystery woman’s former boyfriend, accompanied by the biological father of her babies, ended up assaulting Paul. The latter claimed that though he didn’t have any kind of romantic relationship with the noted single mother, those two publicly assaulted him!

Paul clearly wanted his fans to sympathize with him. But it appears that they aren’t ready to believe his claims. The majority of the viewers believe that he might have done something nasty enough to get beaten publicly. Someone even wondered if Staehle was the first one to harass and assault the noted lady!

90 Day Fiance: Paul Lands In A Hospital Afer His Public Assault

Paul Staehle not only shared the story of his “horrible day,” but he posted some pictures as well. The 90 Day Fiance star claimed that the assault was severe to the extent that he had to take an ambulance to go to the hospital. Staehle shared a snap that he might have clicked in the ambulance. Though he didn’t capture his face, he did document his lower body and the surroundings.


Paul sported red shorts with black tennis shoes and white socks while he was lying down on a stretcher. He had a “pulse oximeter” attached to his right index finger while a cup was placed near him. In another snap, the celeb sat near a man with a computer and a board that said “neurosurgeon” in Portuguese.

However, Paul didn’t talk about his injuries at all. He didn’t reveal if the wounds were internal or external. That is why some viewers accused him of simply wanting attention and making attempts to add anticipation among them.

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