Secret Revealed! Kody Hints at Divorce to Robyn | Meri Brown & Kody in Love Again | Sister Wives S19



Meri Brown, a star of Sister Wives, has been sharing stunning selfies of her blue eyes since reaching an impressive weight loss milestone. As Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri was part of the family long before Kody started dating his fourth and final wife, Robyn Brown. For years, Meri cohabited with Kody’s former wives, Janelle and Christine Brown. Despite being a vital member of the family, Kody hardly ever acknowledged their romantic connection. After nearly three decades together, they decided to end their relationship during Sister Wives Season 18.

Since the breakup, Meri has undergone significant mental and physical changes. On the show, she often appeared dissatisfied with Kody, frequently pouting during her confessional moments, and seeming worn out and irritated. However, Meri appears much happier and healthier these days. She regularly updates her social media followers with photos and videos of her life since formally splitting from Kody. Meri’s weight loss journey has improved her life organically through a steady approach. Judging by her recent selfies, it looks like she’s loving life now. According to Elton John’s YouTube video for “Blue Eyes,” Meri’s blue eyes are like a deep blue sea, no longer holding back tears and pain.

Meri feels more confident in herself now that she’s parted ways with Kody. Her light blue eyes shine through the Instagram screen, often highlighted by her outfits. In a September 2022 selfie, she showcased a noticeably thinner face and encouraged her followers to prioritize themselves. Meri’s captions often subtly criticize her broken marriage, highlighting the poor treatment she received while with Kody.

Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, took up much of his attention. Christine believed Kody desired a monogamous relationship with Robyn, leading to her breakup with him after he promised to stop having sexual relations with her. Although Meri had not been physical with Kody for years, she still stayed, never prioritizing her wants over his.

Meri has now embarked on a new venture, Worthy Up, a community that encourages self-improvement through subscriptions. She started this after reading Jamie Kern Lima’s book, Worthy. Despite concerns about appearing unoriginal, Meri decided to continue using the name for her company. Worthy Up offers different subscription tiers ranging from $150 to $600, allowing customers to select the option that best suits their needs.

During her tenure on Sister Wives, Meri has started several businesses. She worked in the mental health sector, runs Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast, sells clothes, and engages in brand transactions. Meri uses her platform as a reality TV personality to highlight specific products and be compensated for product endorsements.

Meri’s blue eyes stand out in any situation, especially in her Instagram photos. After splitting up with Kody, she traveled to London and shared numerous photos from her trip. Excited to explore new experiences with people who appreciate her company, Meri has been more adventurous. She relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona, to be close to the rest of the Brown family. However, Kody didn’t try to mend their relationship, and eventually, Meri moved to oversee Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Their relationship had been terrible for years, with Kody showing no interest in her. After getting divorced and changing her diet, Meri has transformed completely. She used to take care of Kody in every way and even destroyed her friendships with the other side of the Brown family to be close to Kody and Robyn. She followed his strict guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic to be allowed to see them, while the families of Christine and Janelle were criticized for not doing so.

The flaws in the Brown family were revealed by COVID-19, and despite Kody’s disinterest, Meri stayed until they ended their marriage in Season 18. Since then, Meri has changed drastically, both physically and mentally. She has been touring the world more, with her remarkable weight loss attributed to increased activity. Meri enjoys sharing content on social media, with her blue-eyed selfies being particularly popular.

Meri’s confidence has grown significantly since divorcing Kody, and she has shed several pounds. Meanwhile, Janelle Brown has stated that she doesn’t see herself as divorced since she and Kody were never legally married. She considers herself single, following their split. Christine Brown, who left Kody in November 2021, also views herself as divorced and has since married David Woolley in October 2023.

Meri has also found new love with Amos Andrews, sharing her happiness on Instagram. She revealed that they have been dating since October, highlighting their shared love for Christmas and laughter.

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