90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine Says Gino Uses ‘Manipulative Psychology’ to Control Her (Exclusive)

In a heated conversation, Jasmine confronts Gino about his controlling behavior, accusing him of using manipulative psychology to control her. Jasmine emphasizes that entering a beauty pageant is important to her, but Gino had not been supportive until his uncle Marco intervened. Gino admits he paid the $1,200 fee for the pageant using their credit card but sets conditions for Jasmine: he wants her to stop starting arguments and to refrain from saying hurtful things during conflicts. Jasmine feels hurt by Gino’s conditional support, believing he wouldn’t have acted without external pressure from his uncle. She expresses frustration, feeling treated more like a trained dog than a respected wife, highlighting the imbalance and manipulation in their relationship. Jasmine’s emotional outburst underscores her desire for genuine support and respect from Gino, without feeling conditioned or controlled.

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