New Update: Tony Padron Reveals His Secrets!

Sister Wives star Tony Padron made his mother-in-law blush and seemed to fill the void that his father-in-law left at the table as the TLC episode rolled out Sunday. Idle chit-chat turned into a treasure trove of info about Tony, who is Mykelti Brown Padron‘s husband.

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Sister Wives: Tony Padron Looks at Life in Scoops

Tony Padron opened up a bit more than usual when Christine Brown invited a couple of her adult daughters and their husbands over for a painting activity. With Valentine’s Day approaching, she had everyone make what looked like a family tree of Valentines.

The finished product says something about each of these Sister Wives family members. But what Tony said at the table offered up a lot more than just his painting.

Mykelti Brown Padron also said something that caught the ear of some Sister Wives fans. Because Tony is growing on the audience, they hoped Mykelti just slipped by using this word. This comment from Tony’s wife came out during a conversation about her mom.

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Tony Gives Christine Brown an Earful

The chat that Tony started centered on Christine using a matchmaker, so she can find love again. Everyone around the table had something to say about that, especially Tony Padron.

Mykelti’s husband offered some advice to Christine Brown about finding Mr. Right. He seems to pride himself on dating a lot of women before meeting Mykelti. This was news to the Sister Wives viewers.

But he referred to those women as different flavors of ice cream. Mykelti agrees and adds that her husband sampled many different flavors of ice cream before he “settled” on her.

Fans hopped the word “settled” and thought it was just a mistake. Christine Brown said several times during her split from Kody that she’d never settle again. So, of course, no one wants Mykelti to think that Tony settled for her. They would have preferred to hear her say that he sampled many flavors until he found the best… his wife.

Sister Wives: Christine Not into Ice Cream Sampling

After Tony offered up his comparison to ice cream flavors, Christine ran with it. She is already a bit apprehensive about dating.

So, taking on many samples doesn’t appeal to her. She looks to this matchmaker, with whom she was very truthful, to find her the perfect mate. So, it looks like Christine is not taking any of Tony Padron’s dating advice, but she blushed as he went on about it.

She said her son-in-law often talks about topics that are uncomfortable, and then she called him what sounded like “little sh*t”.  But TLC beeped out the second word, so you can’t be sure.

Tony Shares His Picasso

It’s worth noting that Tony Padron took the seat at the head of the table, a spot usually reserved for Kody Brown. But since that’s one man who won’t likely grace Christine’s doorstep, it seems it was just another open chair.

It is also worth pointing out how everyone seemed to finish or almost finish their paintings, that is except for Tony Padron. As you can see below when they all posed with their creations, everyone had painted their canvas with colorful paint, again, all except for Tony.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown -Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Avalon Padron - Aspyn Thompson - Mitch Thompson | TLC
Sister Wives | TLC

It looked like this Sister Wives son-in-law took his time and sketched out his tree before adding the paint. But he added quite a bit of detail to his. This would explain why he lagged behind in finishing his creation.

So, it looks like Christine Brown enjoyed a night with her daughters and their husbands. But it looks like Tony Padron took over the conversation with his ice cream scoop dating advice.

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