90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa Lima Reveals Current Status With Colt Johnson Amid Vanessa Split

90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima is revealing if she’s back together with Colt Johnson after his breakup with Vanessa Guerra. Larissa from Brazil is one of the most recognizable 90 Day Fiancé cast members for her unique personality, hilarious one-liners, and ever-changing physical appearance. Larissa and Colt had met online before she moved to Las Vegas in season 6. Colt and Larissa divorced within a year of getting married. Their relationship was violent, and Larissa couldn’t get along with Debbie Johnson, her monster-in-law. Colt married Vanessa in 2021, but they separated in 2024.

Larissa from 90 Day Fiancé is uncovering the mystery of her dating life in 2024 following reports of Colt and Vanessa’s split.

Larissa (via kimmy_robinson_66) recently opened up about her relationship status on her Instagram Stories while answering fan questions during a Q&A session.

One fan asked Larissa about what her relationship was with Colt. They wanted to know if Larissa and Colt were now friends. Larissa was surprised at the question, considering her relationship with Colt ended years ago. However, Larissa admitted that if she were a viewer she would be confused about her relationship status as well. “This happened years ago, but I get it. You guys get curious. I would, too,” Larissa said before adding they don’t have a relationship at all.

Larissa Lima Reveals If She’s Dating Anyone Right Now

90 Day Fiancé Larissa Lima in silver top and loose dark hair in front of neon sign of her name and a pink wall

Larissa said, “Well, we don’t have a relationship, no friendship, nothing.” There has been no communication between Colt and Larissa whatsoever, even after his recent split with Vanessa. However, Larissa did add that she is friends with Colt’s mom, Debbie. Surprisingly, Larissa is also friends with Vanessa. Larissa had once claimed that Colt had met Vanessa when he was still married to her. Larissa had bought a Groupon for Colt at Christmas. It was for a “50-minute Swedish or therapeutic massage with aromatherapy” at a Massage Nirvana Medi Spa. Meanwhile, Larissa revealed she’s currently single.

“Well, I only date seriously.”

Larissa had a fan asking her if she was dating anyone at the moment and if she was serious about them. Larissa admitted that she’s not into flings and only dates with serious intentions. Larissa has been enjoying stepping out of her house, traveling etc. Larissa said she doesn’t know what destiny has in store for her, but she is “doing good” at the moment. Larissa added, “I’m good, and I’m living my life, but no real intention.” She believes that “if it happens, it happens,” and if it doesn’t, it was not meant to be.

Larissa seems to be single at the moment, but she had introduced her new boyfriend to fans in February 2024. Larissa had wished her “other half” a Happy Valentine’s Day and shared a picture of them on a romantic date together. They presumably broke up within a few months. Interestingly, fans had thought Larissa’s new boyfriend looked a little too much like her 90 Day Fiancé co-star, Russ Mayfield. Larissa has openly admitted to having a crush on Paola Mayfield’s husband in the past.

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