Update News: Why does Christine Brown need a relationship with Kyle Larson?

Christine Brown from Instagram and Kyle Larson from Defined Fate YouTube channel

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is dying to meet NASCAR driver Kyle Larson. She and David Woolley have a very exciting trip coming up. Although the newlyweds are certain they will have a great time, a meet-up with Kyle Larson would be the cherry on top of their vacation.

What better way to get Kyle’s attention than her Instagram platform? Keep reading and see what Christine Brown shared online this week.

Christine Brown Wants To Meet Pro Driver Kyle Larson

Christine Brown is no stranger to celebrity crushes. On the last season of Sister Wives, she admitted to being smitten with Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore.

But it seems like Christine is into professional driver Kyle Larson too.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

On Instagram, the Sister Wives star shared that she and her husband David Woolley were planning a trip over Memorial Day weekend. They know they will have an amazing time no matter what, but they’d love to meet Kyle Larson.

“So freaking excited to go to Nascar Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte over Memorial Day weekend with David. All of it! We gotta meet Kyle Larson!” Christine shared with her Instagram followers.

“Guess what? We’re going to NASCAR, baby!” Christine said in the video, proudly showing off her NASCAR t-shirt. “We’re so excited for the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte.”

She went on to say that they’re preparing ahead of time and have headgear, coolers, and all the essentials. The only thing they don’t have? A direct line to driver Kyle Larson.

“It would be a dream come true for David to meet him. I’m just saying, that would be amazing,” the Sister Wives star added.

Sister Wives Fans Try To Get Kyle Larson’s Attention

Several of Christine’s followers encouraged her in the comments, excitedly wishing her luck. Many tagged Kyle Larson in the comments, hoping to get his attention.

As of today, it doesn’t seem like Kyle Larson has noticed yet. But plenty of Christine’s followers would love to see him reach out to her and David.

Fans shared:

  • “Why did I think this was a chance to win a trip to go with you all to NASCAR? I got so excited 😂
  • “Next year go to the Indy 500, nothing like it!”
  • “U will love Nascar LIVE !!!!!!!!! Been to quite a few races myself”
  • “You will have so much fun. Daytona was my favorite. I did the Richard Pretty driving experience”

Do you think Christine Brown will get her wish about Kyle Larson? What do you think he would say in response to Christine’s video Share your own thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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