Angela Deem single-handedly destroyed the Drew Barrymore show’s reputation

This week, fans of ’90 Day Fiancé’ were shocked when Angela Deem blatantly lied about her relationship status on the Drew Barrymore Show. Asked about her estranged Nigerian husband Michael, Angela claimed they were still together, sparking anger and disappointment among viewers. Fans criticized Drew Barrymore and co-host Ross Matthews for featuring Angela, whom they labeled a violent abuser, thus tarnishing the show’s reputation.

The backlash was severe, prompting CBS’s PR team to remove all social media posts featuring Angela. Celebrity blogger Auntie’s Advice highlighted the incident in a YouTube video, capturing Angela’s nervous laughter and seemingly scripted responses. The contrived nature of the interview suggested a collaboration between TLC and CBS to promote ’90 Day Fiancé’ and boost Angela’s popularity, but it backfired, intensifying animosity towards her and damaging the talk show’s image.

Those familiar with Angela and Michael’s drama since February 2024 recognized her lie. Michael has reportedly fled Angela’s home and is trying to start anew in the U.S., while Angela is gathering evidence with three lawyers to get him deported for alleged marriage fraud. This incident underscores the ongoing turmoil in Angela and Michael’s relationship and its impact on public perception.

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