Angela RIPS Michael a New One Then Lets Him in Bed | 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After 8×15

“Did you pack your toothbrush? Yes, I did. Today, we’re flying to Florida for the Miss International World pageant, and I’m so excited. You should have done number two yesterday. What are those shiny shorts? Are you going to work out? My dream is to wear a workout outfit like that in public. You can do it now if you want. Who cares? Actually, people might. They’d judge and call me names.

You seem tense. Don’t tell me I’m tense; I know I am. I feel it in my back and stomach. I’m hungry and bloated, ready to go. I’ve never seen a couple create so many issues that aren’t issues. Fabulous.

At the pageant, entering a room and being ignored is my worst nightmare. Instructions were given: exit back out, follow Latina, and go this way. Did she just call a contestant “Latina”? Imagine being referred to by race like that.

Hotel security, get the phone. Production must know she gets violent; they’ve seen it before. She demands Michael’s phone, claiming it’s hers because she pays the bill. This control is slimy and annoying.

Michael, calm down. He openly gave her the phone, showing he had nothing to hide. He just wanted it back. He takes so much from her without getting mad. He’s not toxic or abusive. This fighting is exhausting.

Angela questions Michael about being in a group chat and a photo of money. He explains he needed information to be together sooner, but she doesn’t believe him. He hesitates, making him seem like he’s lying. Yet, Angela calms down, possibly due to exhaustion or medication.

Angela, tired of being alone, decides to let Michael sleep in her bed, indicating some reconciliation. Despite her treatment of him, they stay together, highlighting their complex, troubled relationship.”

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