Big Ed and Liz’s Breakup is MESSY… | 90 Day Fiancé

Liz, at 58, expresses feeling numb and needing to start her life over after her breakup with Big Ed. She describes feeling humiliated and used. Liz and her daughter are shown packing up their belongings, preparing to leave Arkansas and move back to San Diego. This move signifies a fresh start for Liz and her daughter, away from the toxic relationship with Ed.

The breakup is criticized, with Ed being labeled a narcissist for his behavior. Despite the challenges ahead, Liz remains strong for her daughter. Ed’s actions are seen as cruel and selfish, particularly regarding Liz’s career aspirations in real estate, which have been upended by the move and breakup.

The article also touches on the impact of the breakup on Liz’s daughter, Riley, who had formed a bond with Ed. Ed’s attempt to console Riley is seen as awkward and insincere.

Overall, the article portrays Liz as a victim of a toxic relationship, highlighting the emotional toll of starting over at her age. It criticizes Ed for his behavior and lack of empathy, while acknowledging Liz’s strength in moving forward.

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