Most Breaking News! Meri Brown file a lawsuit against Kody and Robyn | Drops Bombshell Shocking News

Mary Brown, a star of ‘Sister Wives,’ has long displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. Her latest business venture, however, appears to be facing challenges. Mary, who married Cody Brown in 1990 as his first wife, has one child with him. Cody has four wives in total and 18 children. The family dynamic began to unravel when Cody’s third wife, Christine Brown, left him in 2021, followed by his second wife, Janelle Brown, in 2022. Despite believing in their polygamous lifestyle, Mary found the neglect and humiliation from Cody unbearable. In January 2023, after 32 years of marriage, Mary and Cody announced their separation. Mary then shifted her focus to expanding her business empire. While she has experienced success with previous ventures, her newest business, as per her official website, may not meet expectations.

Mary has been actively involved in various business ventures, including her bed and breakfast, Lizzy’s Heritage, and collaborations with Parklane and Lulo. She is also available for personalized messages on Cameo. Mary’s latest endeavor, “Worthy Up,” is a life coaching service inspired by the book “Worthy: How to Believe You Are Enough and Transform Your Life” by Jamie Kern Lima, a New York Times best-selling author. The service offers a range of memberships with perks such as early access to events, discounts on experiences, and one-on-one virtual sessions with Mary. She also plans to offer unique experiences throughout the year, including a group trip to Disneyland.

Despite challenges in her personal life, Mary has demonstrated resilience and the ability to overcome significant hurdles. Her journey, including her separation from Cody and her success in business, could serve as a foundation for her new role as a life coach. However, given her past struggles and behavior, Mary may face challenges in being taken seriously as a leader in this field. Nevertheless, her ability to navigate difficult situations and grow her business empire indicates her potential to guide others on their self-help journeys.

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