Big Ed Dump To Liz Wood Why 🤔? Get Ready To Be Shocked

In the latest episodes of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After,” viewers witnessed the final breakup between Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods. This was their 15th breakup, triggered by an argument over spicy taco pasta, leading Ed to call off their upcoming wedding. Liz moved back to San Diego with her daughter, marking a definitive end to their relationship.

Following the breakup, Liz revealed her new boyfriend, Jason Ziga, on social media. Ed has shared his thoughts on Liz’s new relationship, expressing both positive and negative sentiments. He mentioned meeting Jason and finding him nice, but also voiced concerns about unresolved issues potentially affecting their relationship’s longevity.

As Liz moved on, her transition to a new life symbolized a fresh start. Ed, known for his critical nature, surprisingly gave a positive comment about Jason, though he couldn’t resist adding a warning about the challenges Liz might face if she doesn’t change.

Meanwhile, Emily and Kobe celebrated their second wedding with a traditional Cameroonian ceremony. This event tested and ultimately strengthened their relationship. Emily, from Kansas, and Kobe, from Cameroon, faced cultural challenges but emerged closer, demonstrating their commitment to bridging their cultural differences.

Kobe defended Emily against his friends’ skepticism, emphasizing mutual respect and understanding. Their journey, documented in “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After,” highlighted their ability to unite their families and honor Kobe’s heritage, solidifying their bond.

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