Big Ed from ‘90 Day Fiancé’ on new relationship, breakup with Liz and more | Virtual Realitea

Ed from “90 Day Fiancé” has been a staple in our lives for so long. Evan and I are thrilled to talk with him, especially after some recent episodes. How are you feeling, Ed? “I’m feeling pretty good,” he says. “Last night’s episode was a tearjerker. It brought back a lot of great memories.”

Rewatching those conversations must have been tough. Ed agrees, “You always want to focus on the good times. Liz and I had a lot of fun together. But it was the days after the breakup when I told her the wedding was off. She didn’t realize I was serious until I called the venue for my deposit back. She found out through our officiating friend. It was tough for her.”

Ed prefers texting or calling to deliver big news. “Breakup texts are easier. You’re not facing them directly,” he admits. “I’ve learned how not to be in a relationship. My best friend says I text like a 20-year-old, full of ‘LOL’ and emojis. Probably not the best way to break up.”

Has the breakup ruined taco pasta for you, Ed? “I haven’t eaten it since, but I’ve had over 25 requests for taco pasta dinners. My life might have been better if I never dated, but I’ve learned a lot.”

Ed’s humorous approach to life helps him cope. “Finding someone in love with me was scary. I commend Liz for never giving up. She suggested moving back to Arkansas. I’m happy to be back with my family. It’s given me time to reflect on my behavior and work on myself.”

Ed has lost 19 pounds, got his real estate license, and is involved in a charity called “Remembering Nicholas,” which supports families who’ve experienced infant loss. He’s also active in his church, where he’s recognized and appreciated.

Ed’s relationship with Liz was significant. “I deleted over 3,000 photos of us after each breakup. I have a tattoo of her, which I won’t remove. She made me a better person.”

Is Ed open to new relationships? “Oh, yeah. I’ve met someone new. She’s 38 and a great friend. We have deep conversations. She wants nothing to do with my fame, which is refreshing.”

Has Ed met Liz’s new partner? “Yes, he’s good-looking and young. I want them to be happy. It’s part of being young to move from one relationship to another. I’m looking for ‘Mrs. Right,’ not just ‘Mrs. Right Now.'”

Ed’s experiences have taught him a lot. “I’m learning to be myself and meet people genuinely. Liz’s new partner and I did the ‘fluffing of the chest’ when we met, but it’s all good vibes.”

Reflecting on his fame, Ed shares, “Pete Davidson and Kenan from SNL are fans of mine. It’s surreal. My journey started unexpectedly, and overnight fame during COVID was insane. Memes and viral moments made me a household name.”

Ed’s humble beginnings as a busboy in Bella Vista to a reality TV star show his resilience. “One day, I wanted to be someone people recognized. Now, everyone loves me. I’m happy to share my story and dock our pontoons together.”

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