Robyn Shameful! Sixth Wife! Kody Brown And Aurora Drops Secret Love | It Will Shock You

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When Robyn Brown first met Kody Brown, she had been previously married. Upon joining the Sister Wives family, her four children were also accepted. Over time, fans have grown intolerant of Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn and her children, accusing him and Robyn of brainwashing them.

A startling rumor has emerged: Aurora Brown, Robyn’s daughter, may be getting married. Fans spotted her shopping for wedding dresses, sparking speculation. While some fans support her, others are unhappy, believing she may be influenced by her family’s religious beliefs.

In a recent episode, Janelle and Kody Brown argue about building plans on their property, Coyote Pass. Janelle is frustrated with the slow progress and Kody’s lack of support. She revealed financial struggles, partly due to supporting Robyn’s lifestyle.

Fans criticized Kody for his treatment of Janelle, with many speculating about the future of their relationship. Despite the tension, Janelle and Christine Brown are developing a new spin-off series focused on their lives post-Kody, exploring their journey of independence.

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