BIG ED’S BREAKING NEWS: 90 Day Fiancé Star UNVEILS Stunning Reconciliation Update!

“Big Ed from ’90 Day Fiancé’ recently took to Instagram to share a positive update about his family. Amid rumors of a split with Liz Woods, Big Ed expressed hope for reconciliation with his daughter, Tiffany. Their relationship has been strained due to personal issues, including Ed’s past relationships with younger women.

These positive changes in Big Ed’s life are credited to Liz Woods, who has helped him improve his attitude and become more truthful. Big Ed’s happiness upon receiving a Christmas card from Tiffany indicates his strong desire to rebuild their relationship and be a family man again.

In a recent video, Big Ed discussed his Christmas celebration with his family in Arkansas, which he greatly enjoyed. Despite their rocky past, Big Ed has expressed regret for his actions, stating, ‘I’m sorry for not listening to you and that I hurt you,’ as he pleads with Tiffany to forgive him.

Since appearing on the spin-off show ’90 Day: The Last Resort,’ Big Ed has undergone significant personal growth. He has become more positive and likable, focusing on spreading positivity in his life. He attributes much of this change to Liz, who has stood by him and helped him rediscover himself.

Big Ed’s journey to self-improvement has been challenging, but he is now hopeful for a reconciliation with his daughter before the end of 2023. His transformation is a testament to the power of love and the importance of family in one’s life.”

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