Big news!! 90 Day Fiance: Did Jasmine Pineda Just Introduce Herself To Her New Partner? 2024

Jasmine Pineda, star of “90 Day Fiancé,” has faced numerous near-breakups with Gino. Despite frequent arguments, the couple always managed to reconcile. However, things seem different this time. Recently, Jasmine hinted at a new relationship, shocking viewers. Many noticed her referring to a man named “Shaha” during a live session, leading to speculation about a split from Gino. Jasmine’s social media activity, including posts of roses received on Mother’s Day, further fueled these rumors. She even bragged about her new partner’s efforts to change for her.

Jasmine’s relationship with Gino has been troubled, particularly due to issues about bringing her children to America. Gino’s inability to facilitate their move caused significant tension. Despite joining “Last Resort” to work on their problems, the couple seems to have parted ways. Now, fans await confirmation from Jasmine and Gino to address the rumors and clarify their relationship status.

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