Finally Meri Brown’s Marriage!! Today’s Very Surprising News | It Will Shock You

Sister Wives star Meri Brown admitted she still had hope for her marriage to Kody Brown before they split. In a teaser clip for the Sunday, October 8th episode shared by US Weekly, Meri discussed her living arrangement with Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn. She explained she was living at the bed and breakfast she runs in Utah, surprising Kody. “He’s not sure why I would use one of the rooms we rent out. Why does he care?” Meri questioned, noting he hadn’t cared about her sleeping arrangements for a decade.

Meri admitted she didn’t want to live in her house in Flagstaff, Arizona, but reassured Kody that the move didn’t mean she was leaving their spiritual marriage. She became emotional, expressing anxiety about her business, hoping Kody would show more concern. “I just wanted him to have an air of caring,” she said, realizing nothing would change.

Robyn tried to help Meri articulate her plans, but Kody felt uncomfortable with Robyn advocating for their reconciliation. “I got one wife that I’ve got a great relationship with, and I’m afraid if I abandon these women, she’ll lose respect for me,” Kody explained.

Kody and Meri legally married in 1990, followed by spiritual marriages with Janelle and Christine before Robyn joined in 2010. They legally divorced in 2014 so Kody could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Despite many ups and downs, Kody and Meri eventually split, confirmed in a joint statement in January, following Kody’s separations from Christine in November 2021 and Janelle in December 2022.

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