BIG REVEAL!! Liz exposes Big Ed’s lies after he claimed in an interview that she used him for money

Last week, Entertainment Tonight released a YouTube video featuring an interview with Big Ed Brown from “90 Day Fiancé,” where he discussed his personal life post-“Happily Ever After” season 8. Despite attempting to maintain respect for his former fiancée, Liz, Big Ed’s comments in the interview angered and disappointed Liz. She took to social media to expose what she believed were lies in Big Ed’s statements.

Big Ed described Liz as someone who had been broken by life’s challenges and traumas. He admitted to trying to fix her by showering her with love, money, and gifts, but acknowledged that his efforts were unsuccessful. He expressed regret for not accepting Liz as she was, realizing that he couldn’t change her.

In response, Liz disputed Big Ed’s claims. She denied receiving significant financial support from him, stating that she paid her bills and rent herself. Liz also claimed to have contributed a substantial sum of money toward their wedding, which she had not yet received back after Ed called it off.

Liz criticized Big Ed for his statements, calling him a liar in an Instagram comment. She expressed her desire for him to seek mental help. Liz also clarified to fans that Ed is not wealthy and would struggle financially without his TLC earnings and cameo appearances.

The controversy between Big Ed and Liz highlights the complexities of their relationship and the challenges they faced, shedding light on the personal struggles behind the scenes of reality TV.

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