Big Shocking: Christine Brown Hit With Karma?

Christine Brown was the first to ditch Kody, stepping out of her toxic marriage. Following her lead, Meri and Janelle also left, leaving the polygamist with his only remaining wife, Robyn. Sister Wives fans have cheered Christine on for her taking this long-awaited step.


Christine Brown Leaves Her Sister Wives and Kody in Midseason Teaser :  r/TLCsisterwives

Christine has since moved in her life, finding love with David Woolley and settling in Utah. While fans love seeing Christine thrive, some still have concerns about her past. Not everyone is on board with Christine’s newfound happiness, and some are waiting for karma to catch up with her. So, why is Christine at fault? What did she do in her past? Let’s find out.

Sister Wives: Is Mykelti’s Move To North Carolina Christine Brown’s Karma?

Christine is glowing in her recent posts. She recently shared enjoying the Fourth of July with her children, Paedon, Mykelti, and Truely, and her hubby, David. Sister Wives fans loved seeing Christine reunite with her children and their families for the holiday. Paedon and David celebrating together was a highlight as Paedon previously was not accepting of David. All seems to be falling into place for Christine and her new life. But, as we know, social media doesn’t always tell the whole story.


Sister Wives
Christine Brown, TLC

Recently, a Redditor brought it to everyone’s attention that Christine’s daughter Mykelti, moving to North Carolina with her hubby Tony Padron, might be Christine’s karma coming back around. “But I hope now that Mykelti and Tony are moving to NC, Christine understands how upsetting it was for the adult kids who settled in Vegas to be near the family when she and the other parents took all of the minor children and moved to Arizona,” he wrote.

The Sister Wives fan was referring to the time the Brown family uprooted from Utah to Las Vegas, disrupting the lives of the older children. Viewers speculate that this move might be Christine’s karma for past decisions that adversely impacted her kids. “That move was really tough on the OG13. None of the parents cared enough to stop it,” one fan reflected. “And that is when I lost all respect for the OG3,” another fan added.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reflects On Her Past With Kody!

Sister Wives fans are still piecing together what finally pushed Christine to leave Kody. One pivotal moment stands out: during an interview, Kody admitted he was never in love with Christine and was not attracted to her. This public insult was the last straw for Christine, leading to their eventual divorce.


Christine was done with Kody after his confession and saw no point in staying in such a toxic relationship. Reflecting on her journey to feeling stuck and finding freedom, Christine penned a powerful message. “Over the last few years, many people have reached out to me, looking for the courage to make a change,” she wrote.

“Let this be the day that you step out into the uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or even the scary. Change is scary. But we can do scary things,” she added. She posted a compilation of photos, comparing her time with Kody to a new, happier life.

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