Breaking News! Darcy Drops Bombshell On Loren 😱

Darcy Silva, a prominent figure from “90 Day Fiancé,” has recently caused a stir among fans due to her drastically changed appearance, sparking concerns and outrage. Fans are not only shocked by her unrecognizable look but also questioning the ethics behind the procedures she underwent, regardless of the payment involved.

On May 31, a fan account shared a Cameo video of Darcy wishing a fan a happy birthday on Twitter. However, instead of focusing on the kind gesture, fans in the comment section expressed shock and disgust at Darcy’s altered face, following multiple cosmetic surgeries.

Some comments described the situation as heartbreaking, questioning who would do this to her. Others compared her appearance to someone having an allergic reaction, expressing disbelief at the change. Some even speculated that the person in the video might not be Darcy at all, suggesting AI or someone else made up to look like her for attention.

This is not the first time Darcy and her twin sister Stacy Silva have faced criticism for their transformations. In the past, they have shared videos and photos on Instagram where they appeared almost unrecognizable, with some describing their new look as ridiculous.

Their Turkish plastic surgeon, Dr. Kareim, detailed the extensive procedures performed on them, including fox eye surgery, nose jobs, cheek lifts, buckle fat removal, lip augmentation, and breast lifts, referring to these combined procedures as “Barbie touch-up surgery.”

Despite the backlash, Darcy expressed satisfaction with the outcomes, sharing on her Instagram story that she looked “snatched” in a selfie showing her eyes and brows pulled back.

In a separate development, Lauren Brovarnik, another “90 Day Fiancé” star, has recently received threats about her children following her “mommy makeover” surgery. Despite the hate, she remains positive and continues to live her life as she wants, receiving support from fans who believe she does not deserve the criticism.

Both Darcy and Lauren’s experiences highlight the challenges and criticisms that reality TV stars often face regarding their appearances and personal choices, with fans expressing both support and disapproval on social media.

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