Breaking News || Shocking All Fans 😱90 Day Fiancé: Who Is Veronica Rodriguez’s New Boyfriend?

Veronica Rodriguez, known from “90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life,” has a new man in her life following her split with Jamal. Veronica, a 38-year-old reality TV star from Charlotte, North Carolina, first appeared on “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” Season 3 as Tim Malcolm’s ex, who is now his best friend.

Tim and Veronica’s close friendship has been a source of drama, especially with Tim’s romantic relationships, including with Jennifer Terona. Veronica’s skepticism about Tim’s relationship with Jennifer was evident, as she even gave her old engagement ring to Tim for his proposal.

Originally from Miami, Veronica moved to Charlotte due to her ex-husband, with whom she has a daughter. After discovering her husband’s infidelity, Veronica divorced him when their daughter was just 18 months old.

Veronica and Tim’s relationship began when they met at a bar, where Veronica kissed Tim as part of a bet. Despite this unconventional start, they were engaged and had a great relationship for five years before things turned toxic, leading to their breakup.

After her breakup with Tim, Veronica went public with her boyfriend, Grant Glazer. However, their relationship ended, and Veronica later met Justin Foster online. Their relationship also ended due to Justin’s discomfort with Veronica’s friendship with Tim.

Recently, Veronica introduced her new boyfriend on Instagram, though his identity remains undisclosed. This news comes after her split with Jamal, whom she met on a dating app. Their relationship was rocky, with Jamal wanting to keep things casual while Veronica sought a more committed relationship.

Veronica’s journey through relationships has been tumultuous, but she remains hopeful for a lasting connection with her new boyfriend.

Breaking News || Shocking All Fans 😱90 Day Fiancé: Who Is Veronica  Rodriguez's New Boyfriend? - YouTube


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