Breaking News!!! Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Accused Of Having Plastic Surgery


Meri Brown often preaches to her “Sister Wives” followers about embracing their inner beauty, but a new Instagram post suggests she may have gone under the knife. Historically, Meri was never known for her fashion sense, but after leaving her husband Kody Brown, she began to care more about her style. The patriarch never allowed such surgeries, but now that Meri is single, she might be making different choices.

Over the weekend, Meri shared one of her staple selfies on Instagram, wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt and enjoying an epic Saturday in the woods. Observers quickly noted that she looked different. Her skin appeared tanned and smooth, with no forehead wrinkles, and her teeth looked whiter. While some praised her glow-up, joking that she looked better after losing “200 pounds of Kody,” others speculated she might have had help from a plastic surgeon or used a filter.

Fans questioned if Meri had undergone plastic surgery, with one asking, “Can you share what you’ve gotten done?” Meri didn’t respond and deleted comments about her appearance. It’s clear she looks different from her first appearance on “Sister Wives” in season one. Many guessed she might have used Botox or fillers, while others thought she had a facelift.

This isn’t the first time Meri’s photos have sparked speculation. In July, after she posted beach photos from Mexico, fans wondered about plastic surgery. At the time, Meri responded, attributing her look to a sunburn and using Invisalign. Known for her high-angle selfies, Meri’s fans notice even the smallest changes.

Like many women after a breakup, Meri might have wanted a makeover. Instead of a new hairstyle, she could have opted for something more invasive. Recently, it’s been noted that Meri is better off financially on her own, making it feasible for her to afford cosmetic procedures.

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