Chantel Living With New Partner Jim🤔? Angela Fired🔥! Jasmine Finally Divorce 😭

Chantel Everett from ’90 Day Fiancé’ has sparked controversy with her latest photos, leaving fans in shock. Since her debut in 2019, Chantel has undergone significant changes, both in her storyline and appearance. However, her recent look, characterized by heavy makeup and a body-concealing white dress, has disappointed many fans. They accuse her of excessive use of Botox and fillers, leading to an unrecognizable appearance. Despite Chantel admitting to lip fillers, she denies any other cosmetic surgeries, which fans find hard to believe given the drastic changes.

In other news, speculation is rife that Angela Deem has been fired from TLC. Angela, a prominent figure in the ’90 Day Fiancé’ franchise, has been embroiled in controversy both on and off-screen. Fans noted that references to her and her husband, Michael, have been removed from the show’s social media, fueling rumors of her departure. There are theories that she might have violated her non-disclosure agreement, though nothing is confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Pineda is contemplating divorcing Gino Palazzolo. Emotional distress and the desire to reunite with her children in Panama are key factors. Their wedding photos brought back memories, making Jasmine realize her current unhappiness. Gino’s reluctance to spend $5,000 on the visa process for her sons has added to her frustration, leading her to consider returning to Panama, which would void her K-1 visa. Jasmine feels betrayed and unappreciated, and despite their efforts to conceive a child, she believes their family is incomplete without her sons.

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