Congratulations😯! Angela & Michael Relationship Start! Get Ready To Be Shocked

Michael and Angela, a controversial couple from “90 Day Fiancé,” have had a tumultuous relationship filled with drama. Angela was often aggressive and unkind to Michael, who bore it silently. In recent episodes of “Happily Ever After,” fans suspect Michael of scamming Angela for a green card. His hot and cold nature has raised suspicions. Despite leaving Angela after a physical altercation, Michael returned the next day, begging to save their marriage. Fans are convinced he is only after the green card, but many don’t sympathize with Angela due to her past mistreatment of him. Angela had reported Michael missing, but he contacted the police, stating he ran away out of fear for his life and has been living peacefully in Indianapolis.

Meanwhile, Kim Menzies from “90 Day Fiancé” is exploring a new romantic relationship with a co-star, sparking interest and concern among fans about her potential new partner. Kim, known for dating younger men, shared a selfie on Instagram with her new companion, which indicated a growing bond. Fans are worried due to the co-star’s tumultuous past, but they are curious to see how this relationship will unfold.

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