Dump🤔! Emily Interrogates Kobe over Ex-girlfrien💔! Get Ready To Shocked

Emily interrogates Kobe over his ex-girlfriend in the latest episode of Vogue America with Lucy. Emily Bieberly questions Kobe Blaze about his past relationship on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.’ She demands to know if Kobe was still involved with his ex when they met and when she became pregnant. Emily and Kobe are in Cameroon to visit his family and plan a traditional African wedding, despite already being married in America.

Emily’s suspicions arise when Kobe’s friends reveal he had a girlfriend while living in China. Although Kobe denies being in a relationship at the time, Emily isn’t convinced and insists on meeting his ex-girlfriend to uncover the truth. Kobe agrees and arranges the meeting, but the ex-girlfriend’s late arrival intensifies Emily’s anxiety. During the wait, Emily presses Kobe for more details about his past, but he is hesitant to disclose much. Eventually, Kobe admits he and his ex never formally broke up, adding to Emily’s concerns.

Meanwhile, Michael Al Sami has been making significant strides since his split from Angela Deem. After moving to the USA in late 2023, Michael’s life has dramatically changed. He’s been spotted socializing and has grown his social media presence, signaling a new chapter. Michael’s journey, marked by overcoming K1 visa challenges and relationship turmoil with Angela, now includes sightings at various US locations, suggesting he’s embracing his newfound independence.

In another ’90 Day Fiancé’ update, Gino Patolo calls Jasmine Pann an unsafe partner after she posts about their first wedding anniversary without tagging him. Their tumultuous relationship, filled with arguments and accusations, seems to have reached a breaking point. Jasmine is rumored to be dating a new boyfriend, Matt, since November 2023, after Gino allegedly caught her cheating. Despite contract restrictions, Jasmine openly flaunts her new relationship on social media, further straining her ties with Gino.

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