Ed And Liz’s Final DUMB Good Bye | Happily Ever After? Season 8

In this week’s “Happily Ever After?” episode, we witnessed the dramatic final goodbye between Ed and Liz. Their tumultuous relationship ended with Liz calling Ed a child and saying goodbye. Despite hopes to discuss other couples like Nicole and Mahmoud or Jasmine and Gino, the focus remained on Ed and Liz.

Before analyzing their final scenes, it’s evident Ed watched my previous video about him. After posting it last Thursday, I noticed by Monday, the comments on Ed’s reels were gone, especially those featuring a woman rumored to be his girlfriend, whose Instagram handle, BSB, raised suspicions. Ed has since been seen alone or with random people, sparking more questions than answers.

Liz and her mom cleaned Ed’s house while packing her belongings, a move that baffled viewers. Liz, who should have been done with Ed, seemed to still hold hope for reconciliation, despite Ed’s consistent blame and refusal to change.

Their final interaction highlighted Liz’s futile attempts to reason with Ed and his condescending remarks about her future relationships. This, surprisingly, was the best outcome as it left Liz with no hope of getting back together.

As the season concludes, we anticipate the tell-all episode where past insults and jabs from Ed will be revisited. Both Ed and Liz have moved on to new relationships, ensuring their saga remains a topic of interest. Stay tuned for the tell-all and let’s see if Ed finally gets called out.

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