Ed Is Ready For His Next VICTIM While Liz is HOMELESS | Happily Ever After? Season 8

I am left with nothing. I don’t have an apartment, I don’t have a job, and I am here alone. I got my real estate license and I’m selling homes, having a lot of fun. Here I am crying over him, and he couldn’t care less about me. He wants a conservative Christian woman. I just watched episode 11 of this season of “Happily Ever After?” and I really want to talk about Ed.

We get the first glimpse of Ed by himself, which surprised me. I thought once Ed and Liz were done, they would show Liz packing her stuff with her mom at the house, then Angela would take over Ed’s spot, and we wouldn’t see Ed and Liz again. But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, we get footage of Ed alone without Liz.

This is two weeks after he and Liz broke up. Liz left with her daughter and still has to return to Arkansas to completely move out. Their relationship is over, and Ed is taking the camera crew around, talking about how he’s excited about his new job and being single. He says he’s ready to find the right woman because Liz wasn’t the one.

It’s strange because Ed seems to have no emotions or feelings about Liz anymore. Liz, on the other hand, is devastated, packing her bags to go back to California with her daughter. Ed even says an emotional goodbye to Liz’s daughter like he cares, but then he acts like Liz is trash.

Liz is seen wearing a big Ed hoodie as she leaves, suggesting she still has some hope they might get back together. It’s twisted because Ed’s actions are slowly sinking in for Liz, causing her to have an emotional breakdown. Meanwhile, Ed is over here with newfound confidence, concerned about who will clean his house.

Ed is getting his new career going. He got his real estate license in Arkansas, and he’s excited to be single and find someone else. Liz, however, is in a bad spot. She has no job in California, her real estate license is only good in Arkansas, and she has no place to live. Ed could have ended things before they set a wedding date, but instead, he dropped her just weeks before their planned wedding and immediately acted ready to be single.

Ed’s behavior is disappointing. He had an emotional goodbye with Liz’s daughter but didn’t call or check in when she left the country. It seems like Liz is realizing the gravity of what Ed did, and it’s hitting her hard. Ed doesn’t seem to care at all. Even though their breakup might be for the best, Ed really did Liz dirty.

Now, it looks like they are setting up for Ed to appear on “The Single Life.” Ed’s solo filming intro suggests this. Ed thought he couldn’t find anyone else, so he kept going back to Liz. But what finally prompted him to cut things off before the wedding? He says it was a fight over taco pasta, but it seems sudden and unclear.

What caused Ed to end things and not look back? Was it the idea of him being on “The Single Life?” Comment below your thoughts on what led Ed to just end things.

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