Emily Drop Bombshell News To Kobe! Jasmine Failed To Baby 😭

  • Emily and Kobe’s Journey: Emily and Kobe, who initially met in China and have two children together, faced challenges when Kobe moved to Kansas from Cameroon, including dealing with Emily’s pregnancy weight gain and navigating their new life together.
  • Wedding and Cultural Embrace: The couple celebrated a traditional Cameroonian wedding with over 100 guests in 2024, which was broadcasted on “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.” Emily embraced Kobe’s culture, sharing her experience on Instagram.
  • Family Expansion: Despite initial reluctance and secrecy about taking a pregnancy test, Emily and Kobe revealed in November 2023 that they were expecting their third child, who was born four months later.
  • Gino and Jasmine’s Turbulent Relationship: Gino and Jasmine, described as one of the most toxic couples on “90 Day Fiancé,” struggled with constant arguing, secrecy, and trust issues, including Gino’s betrayal of sending Jasmine’s intimate photos to his ex.
  • Break and Potential Reunion: Jasmine moved from Michigan to New York and hasn’t posted much about Gino, indicating a potential split. However, a loving tribute Jasmine posted in June 2024 hints at the possibility of a reunion.

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