Ex-Boyfriend 💔! Yohan Dump To Daniele Getes! Prepared To Be Shocked

“90 Day Fiancé” star Danielle Gates has split from Yohan, citing his cheating and erratic behavior. After deciding to part ways, Danielle seems to have moved on and was recently spotted with a new man. Fans speculated that she might be dating someone new, but it turned out to be her ex-boyfriend, Talon. They were seen together in New York, looking happy and close, sparking rumors of a rekindled romance.

Danielle revealed that she dated Talon briefly before meeting Yohan, and they remained friends even after their breakup. Yohan felt insecure when Talon visited Danielle in the Dominican Republic, but Talon assured there was no intention of stealing her away. Now that Danielle and Yohan are no longer together, fans believe Danielle and Talon might give their relationship another chance.

In other “90 Day Fiancé” news, Debbie Johnson and Tony Starik are still together despite past visa issues. Debbie, who fell in love with Tony on “90 Day: The Single Life,” has been sharing their love story on social media. They continue to meet fans and share their life together.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Alexei Brovarnik are facing backlash for posting smiling pictures at a memorial site in Israel. Fans criticized their insensitivity, and Lauren’s handling of online criticism has not helped her case. Critics have accused her of being rude and biased in her opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict, leading to further controversy.

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