Fans Are Raging Over Robyn Brown’s Bracelet !!

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is raising some eyebrows following new discovery from the fans. The 45-year-old has been criticized over the years for her unfair relationship with Kody. Many people also believe that she’s one of the main reasons for the Brown family’s downfall. Kody called it quits with three of his four wives last season, leaving him with only Robyn. Some Redditors also think Robyn has been so much into Kody from the beginning. Keep reading to see why.


Will the 'Sister Wives' Stars Have More Kids?

Sister Wives: How’s Robyn Brown Today?

Robyn hasn’t been active on social media for years. One of the Sister Wives star’s recent appearances was during the funeral of Janelle Brown’s son, Garrison, in March. There are also speculations that Robyn and Kody are starting to struggle financially after losing the support of the three ex-wives. However, some Redditors think Robyn doesn’t mind as long as she’s with her husband.

Robyn Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From tlc uk YouTube

Why Fans Are Raging Over Robyn’s Bracelet?

Some Redditors are calling out Robyn Brown for the bracelet she wore during the early season of the show. According to the poster, the Sister Wives star can be seen wearing a bracelet with the letter “K” pendant on it. The Reddit user believes that it stands for Kody, which proves how much she’s in love with the man. Meanwhile, several commenters mentioned that Robyn has also worn many accessories with the letter “K” on it aside from the bracelet.

Robyn Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From Reddit
  • “That really looks like the letter “K”, right? I don’t recall which season/episode this is from, but it’s one of the earlier ones. And if the K was for “Kody” that would just be too on the nose, right? But what else on earth could it possibly be?”
  • “Robyn was already wearing a “K” necklace in season 1 episode 2. Did anyone else notice this?”
  • “She’s so cringy. They both manipulate the shtt out of each other it’s so gross, but that’s what narcissists do and that’s what they both are. Everything they do is all about what they can get or gain at the cost of others.”
  • “She would 100% be one of those girls who wrote their crushes name on the back of their hand and posted it on myspace.”

Sister Wives: Robyn & Kody Brown’s Vow Renewals For Season 19?

TLC has yet to confirm if Season 19 will happen. However, several members of the Brown family have already stated that they’re going back for another season. Christine and Janelle both admitted that they’re already done filming for the new season. Kody’s nephew, Benjamin, also claimed that the upcoming season will premiere in August. The storyline remains a mystery. But there are speculations that it may focus on Kody and Robyn’s vow renewals as they transition into becoming a monogamous couple.



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