FINALLY Kody beats up Robyn & puts her in the hospital | Janelle & Christine’s big Secret revealed!!

Mary Brown, a prominent figure from the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” recently shared her evolved views on polygamy. In a candid podcast appearance on “Misunderstood with Rachel Uel,” Mary, Cody Brown’s first wife, opened up about her past and present perspectives.

Mary and Cody entered a plural marriage when she was just 19 and he was 21. Despite a promising start, their relationship faced significant challenges, leading to their eventual divorce in 2014, with the relationship truly ending in 2023. Cody’s favoritism towards one wife caused a rift among the others, prompting Mary to separate.

During the podcast, Mary reflected on her upbringing in a polygamous family in Northern California. Born to parents who were excommunicated from the mainstream Mormon church due to their lifestyle, Mary and her 25 siblings had to keep their family dynamics hidden. This secrecy contributed to Mary’s reserved nature as an adult.

Mary revealed that jealousy was a common issue in polygamous relationships, despite being taught otherwise. She spoke positively about her relationships with the other sister wives, emphasizing their collective efforts in raising their children. Mary’s fertility struggles made her appreciate the communal upbringing of the children within the Brown family.

Now, Mary no longer desires to enter another polygamous marriage or any marriage at all. She believes that polygamy can work if all parties make equal efforts but acknowledges that relationships can fall apart if even one partner loses interest. She hinted that she might have played a role in the Brown family’s eventual separation but did not elaborate further.

On a different note, Cody Brown was notably snubbed on Father’s Day 2024, with none of his 18 children, except possibly those with Robyn Brown, acknowledging him. This estrangement highlights the ongoing familial tensions, especially with older children like Gwen, Garrison, and Gabe, who have publicly expressed feeling abandoned by their father.

Fans on Reddit criticized Cody for his perceived failures as a father, pointing out his apparent favoritism towards Robyn’s children. This favoritism and his strained relationships with his other children have led to speculations about the future of “Sister Wives,” with some suggesting that Season 19 might be in jeopardy due to the fractured family dynamics.

Despite these challenges, some Brown family members expressed gratitude towards their stand-in fathers. Christine Brown praised her husband, David Woolley, for his role in their blended family, while Maddie Brown Brush honored her husband for being a dedicated father.

Robyn Brown remains a controversial figure among fans. Many viewers criticize her for her perceived victimhood and emotional baggage, which they believe contributed to the family’s struggles. Despite these opinions, Robyn and Cody’s strong bond has persisted, much to the dismay of other family members.

In a heartwarming moment, Mary Brown shared a photo with her transgender child, Leon Brown, who came out publicly in 2022. Leon’s journey has been a significant part of Mary’s life, highlighting her support for her child’s identity.

Overall, Mary’s journey has been one of self-discovery and transformation. Since distancing herself from Cody, she has found solace in nature and embraced a healthier lifestyle. Her evolving perspective on polygamy and her renewed confidence are evident in her recent public appearances and social media posts.

As the Brown family continues to navigate their complex relationships, viewers remain captivated by their journey. Whether “Sister Wives” continues for another season or not, the individual stories of its members, especially Mary Brown, continue to resonate with many.

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