GAME START! Sixth Wife! Kody Brown And Aurora Drops Secret Love | It Will Shock You

Hello everyone, and welcome to My Sister Wives for You Channel! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Before we begin, please hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. Among the Sister Wives fan base, Kody Brown is one of the least well-liked characters. He is perceived by viewers as haughty and verbally abusive towards his family. Fans generally agree that Kody’s behavior has worsened over time, becoming a shadow of the cheerful father figure from Season 1. Even in the early seasons, Kody used poor parenting techniques, particularly when correcting his kids.

Recently, Redditors discovered Kody threatening and verbally abusing his children. Fans have seen Kody prioritize Robyn’s children over his older kids in previous seasons. A scene from an early season shows Kody threatening his young sons because he was tired of them fighting. In Season 8, Episode 6, after Gabe and Garrison went to the movies and got into a fight, Kody said, “You two are done with your lies. If I ever see that again, I’m just going to end things.” This incident has only worsened over time.

Fans will recall that in March 2024, Garrison Brown tragically committed suicide. Kody’s remarks have offended many viewers, who wonder what he says off-camera if he can make such explosive comments while filming. Gwen stated that Kody was nicer on the show than in real life, suggesting we will learn much more about his true personality after the show ends.

Mykelti Brown, Kody’s daughter, doubts he will marry again after three of his four wives—Meri, Janelle, and Christine—left him. Mykelti and her husband, Tony, believe Kody and Robyn are no longer religious or practicing polygamy. Christine, the first wife to leave in November 2021, moved on and is now engaged to David Woolley. Meri later disclosed that after a decade of trying to work on their relationship, she and Kody decided to separate. She clarified that it was Kody who decided to end things, despite leading her to believe they were still trying to work it out.

During the Sister Wives tell-all, Janelle and Kody also declared their breakup. Kody admitted that his marriages to Janelle and Christine were over, and he began to reconsider his feelings toward polygamy. Meri, who had faced speculation about her sexual orientation, recently declared on Instagram Live that she is straight, expressing frustration over the rumors.

Despite rumors of Kody and Robyn looking for a new wife, Mykelti and Tony doubt it will happen. The couple was recently seen in Las Vegas with an anonymous woman, sparking speculation. However, it remains uncertain if Kody will pursue another marriage.

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