Get Ready To Shocked Darcy Silva New Partner With Kim! Angela Lose To Michael

Kimberly Menes, a 52-year-old from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ has been on a journey of self-improvement, focusing on her self-esteem and well-being. Recently, she took to Instagram to share her progress, showcasing her weight loss in a series of stunning outdoor photos from her hometown of San Diego, California. Dressed in a black tank top and leggings, Kimberly radiated confidence and health, drawing praise from her fans for her beauty and self-love journey. Despite past rumors linking her romantically to another ’90 Day Fiancé’ castmate, Riley Diego, Kimberly clarified that they are just friends.

Meanwhile, Darcy Silva, also from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ faced criticism for her approach to cosmetic procedures. Despite negative comments, Darcy continued to share posts highlighting her appearance, including one where she referred to herself as the “Darcy doll,” which sparked further backlash. Angela Deem, another ’90 Day Fiancé’ star, found herself in a heated situation on TikTok, vehemently denying reports about her ex-partner, Michael, having a new girlfriend. Angela’s behavior led to mixed reactions from fans, with some questioning her actions and others empathizing with her struggles.

Overall, these ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars continue to navigate the challenges of fame, relationships, and self-image, each facing their own unique set of trials and triumphs.

Get Ready To Shocked Darcy Silva New Partner With Kim! Angela Lose To  Michael - YouTube

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