Heart Breaking😭News!! 90 Day Fiance 8 Franchise Personalities Who Should Never Go On The Single Life

The spin-off “90 Day: The Single Life,” which premiered in 2021, features singles from the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise, offering them a new pathway to stay relevant while pursuing new relationships. Season 1 included names like Big Ed Brown, Molly Hopkins, and Colt Johnson, marking the beginning of many romances within the franchise.

Chantel Everett’s appearance on “The Single Life” Season 4, following her divorce from Pedro Jimeno, was surprising for fans who were used to seeing her in a relationship. However, some casting decisions for the show have been questionable and negatively impacted its quality.

Big Ed Brown, known for his tumultuous relationship with Liz Woods, should never return to the show due to his commitment issues and tendency to seek fame and attention rather than genuine relationships. Similarly, Angela Deem, known for her bad behavior on the show, should focus on healing from her split with Michael Ilesanmi rather than appearing on “The Single Life.”

Rob Ward’s disrespectful behavior towards Sophie Sierra makes him a poor candidate for the show. Gibri Bell’s admission of immaturity and inability to handle commitment should also disqualify him from appearing on “The Single Life,” as it would only lead to more drama.

Gino Palot, without Jasmine Panita, would lack the entertainment value needed for reality TV. Colt Johnson, known for his toxic relationship, should not return either, as his inclusion would take away a spot from a potential new and more deserving personality.

Nickel Niger, known for her questionable social media behavior and shady relationships, has lost credibility with the audience and should not be given a platform on “The Single Life.”

Lastly, Pedro Jimeno, known for his popular relationship with Chantel, should not appear on the show, as it would be sad to see him date someone other than her. Instead of recycling these cast members, the show’s casting team should consider more vibrant and deserving characters for future seasons.

“The Single Life” offers an interesting look into the dating world of “90 Day Fiancé” stars, but it’s essential to cast personalities who will contribute positively to the show’s narrative.

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