HOT NEWS! Kody Demanded To Appear In Christine’s Spin-Off Because It’s HIS SHOW!

The show Sister Wives is on a completely new path now. The directions have changed from polygamy to life ‘after’ polygamy. The franchise is now focusing on how Christine and David walked down the aisle while other wives are moving on from Kody.

Amid all this, Kody surprised everyone by being a part of Christine and David’s wedding special. He demanded the network and said that it was “his” show. But why was Kody determined to be a part of his ex-wife’s segment? What is he up to now?

Sister Wives: Kody Demanded To Be A Part Of Christine & David’s Wedding Special!

TLC recently declared a two-part special segment for Christine and David’s wedding. Both of them have aired, and viewers are still not able to get over the magical experience they had. However, they were in disbelief when they saw Kody being a part of it!

Apparently, Kody, Robyn, and Meri weren’t even on the guest list. Yet the former was determined to get featured in the two-part special segment. This was an eyebrow-raiser for Sister Wives viewers, who wondered why he would want to do that.


A source recently revealed to TheSun that Kody believes that Sisters Wives is “his” show. He thinks, “he’s head of the family.” Moreover, during the early days, he was also the “head of the family’s contract.”

Kody made it clear that it was he who “initiated” the show. So, “it will forever be his show.” The source further stated how the celeb felt he was being “kind” by allowing Christine on the show at this point.

But when it came to the wedding special, Kody was sure he had to be part of it. This is because it would bring in “money.” At this point in time, he is clearly in need of the “paycheck” because this is what is helping him to pay all his bills. Hence, Kody didn’t miss the opportunity to become a part of Christine’s wedding special.

Sister Wives: Kody Will Keep Filming As Long As He ‘Needs’ To!

It was a bit awkward for Sister Wives viewers to watch Kody in Christine and David’s wedding special. Especially when he wasn’t even invited to the wedding! They believed that it was a bit unnecessary for him to be a part of it. However, it seems that the celeb won’t let the show go out of his grip easily.

After watching the disintegration of the Brown family, viewers were skeptical about whether Sister Wives would return for Season 19. But it appears that Kody wants to carry on with his franchise.


The noted source recently revealed, “He’s going to keep filming as long as he needs to.” It further added, “He’s not going anywhere.” So, it is evident that the long-running show will be returning for another season as it still has a lot to offer.

On the other hand, Christine has also confirmed that the upcoming season will feature the entire family under one roof. She explained how they would do this for the sake of their kids, and there would be a lot of drama.

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