HOT NEWS!!Kalani reveals how many more babies she would like to have with her boyfriend, Dallas

90-Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata surprised fans when she publicly announced the birth of her first baby girl with her new boyfriend, Dallas Nuez. She had kept her pregnancy a secret, possibly to avoid being criticized and judged by certain 90-Day Fiancé community members on social media, which could have caused her stress during her pregnancy.

Kalani has gained a reputation for being notoriously irresponsible with birth control. This reputation comes from her inconsistent use of contraception, which has led to unintended pregnancies with her ex-husband, Asuelu. Kalani’s difficulties with birth control have often created challenging situations and added complexity to her personal life and relationships.

The reality TV star recently held a Q&A session with her Instagram followers and admitted that she did not plan to get pregnant with her new boyfriend, Dallas; the pregnancy happened unexpectedly. It caught her by surprise, and she told Dallas about it while they were in a hotel in New York. At the time, she was filming 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5 Tell ALL episodes. TLC invited her to the Tell All New York studio as a guest along with fellow cast members Tania, Tim, and Andrei.

When asked by an Instagram user, “Do you want more babies?” Kalani replied, “No.” The mother of three confessed in her Q&A that she doesn’t want or plan to have more babies. However, based on her history of being irresponsible with birth control, let’s say anything is possible.

35-year-old Kalani Faagata has no long dating history and has only been romantically involved with only two men: her ex-husband, Asuelu, and her new boyfriend, Dallas. However, some 90-Day Fiancé fans still criticized her on social media for her life choices by telling her that she doesn’t need to have kids with every man she dates.

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