Good News! Meri Brown secretly married! All fans are Shocked! Sister wives season 19

  • Meri Brown and Kody Brown divorced after 32 years, and rumors of her remarriage were debunked by Meri herself on Instagram.
  • Meri has faced hardships in her dating life, including a breakup with Amos Andrews, but remains hopeful for true love.
  • Despite personal struggles, Meri has focused on growing her business empire and mourning the tragic death of Kody’s son, Garrison Brown.

After 32 years of marriage, Sister Wives stars Meri Brown and Kody Brown called it quits, and now there are rumors that Meri just got remarried. Kody and Meri were married in 1990 and had one child together. She was his first wife, and two years later, in 1993, Kody married his second wife, Janelle Brown. In 1994, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, joined the family. Another 16 years would go by before he married his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. In all, Kody boasted a total of four wives and 18 children.

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010, the family lived under one roof in Utah, with each wife having her own wing to raise her children in. When the family left Utah, they couldn’t find a property big enough for all of them, so they lived in separate homes. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic divided the family even further. Christine was the first to leave Kody, followed by Janelle. Meri tried to hold on to the marriage but ended up finally leaving the plural family in 2023. Since then, the Sister Wives season 18 star has been dating, but did she recently get remarried?

Meri Responded To Rumors

Is She A Newlywed?

Having been a public person for so long, Meri is likely accustomed to having people stick their noses in her personal business. Considering how famous the Sister Wives star is, hearing false rumors about herself is probably not uncommon for her. Some rumors, however, get so much traction, that they have to be addressed. In May 2024, Meri took to Instagram to share several posts claiming that she had just gotten married. Each of the posts she shared featured her in a wedding dress marrying a different man.

Meri confirmed to her followers that she had not married anyone.

After leaving Kody, Meri’s romantic prospects seemed to improve when she started dating a new man. Fans were hoping that Meri’s relationship with Amos Andrews would work out. Fellow sister wife Christine had married David Woolley after leaving Kody, and hopes were high that Meri and Amos would go down a similar path. Sadly, the relationship ended soon after it began. In February 2024, Meri announced her breakup on Instagram, explaining that, though she and Amos cared about each other, their relationship wasn’t going to continue.

Is Meri Dating Anyone Right Now?

Unlucky In Love

In April 2024, Meri posted a fun question-and-answer video to Instagram, in which the Sister Wives star talked about her dating life. In the clip, she’s wearing a vivid blue sweater, and showing off her current weight loss. She revealed that she had gone out on a few dates since her breakup with Amos, but didn’t go into any detail. “Prince Charming has not arrived,” said Meri before correcting herself.” I’m not really looking for a prince, no, I’m looking for a king .”

Meri went on to explain that she was looking for a mature person who knows what he wants and can match her confidence and energy. Long before their marriage ended, Kody often neglected Meri and openly talked about not being attracted to her. He made no secret of favoring Robyn over all of his wives. After what Kody put her through, and after being disappointed by Amos, Meri will hopefully find what she’s looking for.

Meri Is Busy Growing Her Empire

From Sister Wife To Girl Boss

Though she would love to find a romantic partner, Meri is busy growing her business empire. Meri has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even during her plural marriage, Meri and the other Browns were involved in various business ventures over the years. For starters, there was the clothing store, the jewelry business, and the 2012 New York Times bestseller called Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of Unconventional Marriage.

Near the end of her marriage, Meri achieved a lifelong dream of turning her grandmother’s old house into a charming bed and breakfast called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

According to Meri‘s official website, she continued to pursue new financial opportunities. The landing page of her site reads, “Unveiling The Heart. A Journey Through The Layers Of Meri’s World,” and focuses on her business ventures. A scroll down the page finds Meri’s Business Portfolio. “From motivational speaking engagements to product lines, every project is a reflection of Meri’s belief in the power of self-worth,” reads the website copy, followed by a list of her various business ventures.

In addition to the B&B, Meri works with Parklane and Lularoe, and she’s also available on Cameo.

How Meri Has Been Mourning Garrison

Like Losing A Son

Sister Wives' Meri Brown's tribute to Garrison Brown

On March 5, the Sister Wives universe was rocked by the tragic death of 25-year-old Garrison Brown. Kody’s son with his second wife, Janelle, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his Flagstaff, Arizona home. Garrison’s tragic death devastated the Brown family. Meri knew Garrison since the moment he was born and helped raise him, so the young man was like a son to her.

The depth of the Brown family’s sorrow is almost unfathomable.

Hours after news of his death broke, Meri posted a family message that read, “Our family is deeply saddened to announce the loss of our beautiful boy, Robert Garrison Brown. He was a bright spot in the lives of all who knew him. This loss will leave such a big hole in our lives, and it takes our breath away.” Kody and all four of his wives posted the same message, which is, sadly, the most united the family had been in years.

Wife Married Divorced Children
Meri Brown 1990 2022 1
Janelle Brown 1993 2022 6 (1 deceased)
Christine Brown 1994 2021 6
Robyn Brown 2010 5 (3 from previous marriage)

Sister Wives seasons 1-18 can be streamed on Discovery+.

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