Hot Shocking! Robyn Brown Was Abandoned, She Was Not Invited to Logan’s Fiancée’s Bathroom!

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Janelle Brown, star of Sister Wives, shared on May 22 a wonderful day celebrating her son Logan Brown’s 30th birthday. She has many reasons to be proud of him, as he has lived up to TLC fans’ expectations. Fans saw little of Logan on TV after he left for college, but Janelle often shares updates and photos whenever she visits Logan and his wife, Michelle.

Following the death of his younger brother, Garrison Brown, Logan and Michelle paid heartfelt homage to him. Logan, once known for watching over his younger siblings on the show, is now a strong supporter of his mother.

Janelle posted a series of pictures on Instagram to mark Logan’s 30th birthday, expressing her pride in the man he has become. Many fans left well-wishes, praising Logan for his achievements and character.

As for Janelle, she has no interest in rushing into a new relationship after breaking up with Kody Brown. Unlike Christine Brown, who remarried, Janelle is content being single. She mentioned on an October 2023 episode of Sister Wives that she is not interested in dating unless a clear sign from God directs her otherwise.

Janelle and Kody were never legally married but were spiritually united in 1993. Their relationship suffered during the pandemic due to disagreements over Kody’s strict guidelines. This strain led to their eventual separation, which Janelle revealed on a Sister Wives show filmed months earlier.

In a 2023 episode, Janelle stated she would only reconcile with Kody if he changed, but she finds this unlikely. She acknowledged needing something different in a marriage and is enjoying her independence.

Janelle reiterated her desire to remain single in an August 2023 interview, expressing a preference for the freedom and independence polygamy once gave her. She remains open to plural marriage in the future but is not actively seeking a partner.

Meanwhile, Christine remarried David Wooly on October 7, and Meri announced a new relationship with Amos Andrews in January 2024. Janelle remains focused on her own path, not feeling the need for a partner at this stage in her life.

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