OMG! Is Robyn Brown on Ozempic? New Details emerge alluding to Vow Renewel in Sister Wives season 19

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Fans of “Sister Wives” recently learned that Robyn and Kody Brown will be renewing their vows in season 19. This news has elicited strong reactions, with many worried about the impact of Garrison Brown’s death on the family. Since Garrison’s passing, some fans have called for the cancellation of the series. However, others still feel connected to the group and want updates on the lives of Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, who divorced Kody.

Many fans believe it would be better to create a spin-off focusing on the children’s lives. The thought of seeing footage of Garrison before his death is distressing for many. Fans have been discussing the vow renewal on Reddit, with a general consensus that TLC will lose viewers if they air it without addressing Garrison’s passing.

The timeline of the show is also a concern, as the footage is over a year old, and events like David’s introduction and the birth of Mykelti’s twins have yet to be shown. Some believe TLC should delete the old footage, while others think it should be incorporated into new content.

Cody Brown’s portrayal of polygamy has evolved, with fans comparing him to his father, William Wing Brown, who was also a polygamist. Many believe William handled it better, as he lived a peaceful life without much controversy. Cody, however, has faced backlash for his favoritism towards Robyn, leading to Christine, Janelle, and Meri leaving him.

Despite these challenges, Cody and Robyn are now focusing on their monogamous relationship, with Cody seeking to improve his mental health. Fans are curious to see how they navigate this new chapter.

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