It’s Over! Christine Reveals Bombshell Shocking News About YSABEL Surgery! It Will Shock You

Sister Wives star Cody Brown’s daughter Isabelle Brown is scheduled for major surgery later this month. However, the father of 18 will not be attending the 12-hour procedure. Isabelle’s mother, Christine Brown, along with her sisters Gwendlyn and Truely Brown, will be by her side. The family explains that Cody will be a no-show due to quarantine requirements and his responsibilities in Flagstaff.

Isabelle, diagnosed with scoliosis in 2017, had tried various non-surgical treatments, but none succeeded. Now, with the curve worsening, she will undergo surgery to correct her spine. Christine and her daughters have traveled to New Jersey, quarantining as required before the procedure. They spent time in North Carolina with Maddie Brown Brush’s family before settling in New Jersey.

Cody’s absence sparked controversy among fans, who suspect favoritism towards his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Critics argue Cody’s reason for staying behind is less about quarantine and more about prioritizing Robyn and her children.

In another instance, Cody faced backlash for his insensitive comments about Christine during a tell-all interview. He recalled being repulsed by Christine eating nachos, which deterred him from courting her. This revelation, made on national television, left Christine visibly hurt while her co-wives awkwardly laughed.

Christine’s resemblance to her relatives recently gained attention when she and her sister posted photos from New Jersey. The two look remarkably alike, often mistaken for twins. Additionally, Christine has a cousin, Anna LeBaron, who shares an uncanny resemblance with her, despite their families’ troubled history involving a murder accusation.

Meri Brown, Cody’s first wife, also has a complex past. After over three decades of polygamous marriage, she separated from Cody in 2023. Since then, Meri has found happiness in her new single life. She shared on the “Misunderstood” podcast her struggles with societal acceptance of polygamy, including hiding relationships and homeschooling her children due to legal and social pressures. Despite these challenges, Meri has moved forward, embracing her independence and new opportunities.

In conclusion, the Brown family’s dynamics continue to intrigue fans, from Isabelle’s health journey to Cody’s controversial behavior and Meri’s path to self-discovery. The Sister Wives saga reveals the complexities and emotional struggles within their polygamous lifestyle.

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