It’s over! very shocking! 90 Day Fiance:Ed Explains the True Reason He Left Liz Before the Wedding!

90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed recently sat down with ET’s Rachel Smith to discuss his unexpected breakup with Liz and his thoughts on her new relationship. The 59-year-old reality star shared his perspective on the tumultuous end of their relationship and his feelings about Liz’s new boyfriend, whom he has already met and described as a “hunk.”

Ed and Liz’s relationship has been a roller coaster, as fans have witnessed over the past three years. The couple had broken up 15 times before Ed ultimately decided to call off their wedding over an argument about taco pasta. Liz was devastated, particularly because she had to learn about the cancellation through their officiant. However, she has since moved on and showcased her new relationship on social media.

Upon meeting Liz’s new partner, Ed complimented his looks and expressed his contentment with their meeting. Despite his positive comments, Ed voiced some concerns about Liz’s new relationship, particularly regarding unresolved personal issues.

Reflecting on their relationship, Ed admitted he made a mistake in thinking he could change or fix Liz. He acknowledged that his efforts to make her feel secure, including showering her with money, were misguided. Ed explained that his decision to call off the wedding, while abrupt to viewers, was based on their ongoing issues. He realized their problems were not improving and couldn’t see a future together.

Ed highlighted that their issues largely stemmed from poor communication, often leading to public arguments. Despite the messy end, Ed insisted that his intentions were always genuine. He made significant sacrifices for Liz, including distancing himself from his daughter, mother, and friends who questioned their relationship. He even moved to Arkansas for a fresh start, hoping it would resolve their issues.

Despite the breakup, Ed expressed deep emotional ties with Liz’s daughter, Riley, and conveyed his desire for both Liz and Riley’s happiness. He acknowledged the pain of their split but emphasized moving on and finding his own happiness.

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