Jasmine Pineda gives an update about her green card situation after her split from Gino

90 Day Fiancé” star Jasmine Pineda has mentioned in several recent TikTok live streams that she still can’t work legally in the United States. The Panamanian reality star arrived in the U.S. around April 2023. If Gino, her husband, had filed for her adjustment of status immediately after their marriage, Jasmine should have obtained her work permit by now. However, that has not happened. There is also a possibility that Jasmine may be committing tax fraud by not reporting her online income from OnlyFans, Cameos, sponsorship deals, and sales of her vegan protein powder.

Several reasons suggest that Gino did not file for Jasmine’s adjustment of status, especially given the rumors circulating on social media about their split and Jasmine’s new boyfriend. Despite Gino and Jasmine’s Instagram posts suggesting they are still together, Jasmine’s live streams on TikTok tell a different story. In these streams, she is not in Gino’s home, is not wearing her wedding ring, and appears to be spending time with a new man.

The split rumors were fueled further when a fan asked Jasmine if she wanted to visit Canada. Jasmine replied that she cannot go out without a green card, reinforcing the belief that her adjustment of status was not filed. If Jasmine can’t work or fly outside of the United States after being in the country for more than a year, it could be because her American husband didn’t file for her adjustment of status, possibly indicating they are no longer together.

Fans who watched Jasmine’s recent TikTok live streams grew concerned, speculating that her new boyfriend caused the bruises on her face. However, Jasmine reassured her followers, explaining that she had undergone a three-layer chemical peel which resulted in facial bruises. Whether Jasmine has a new boyfriend or moved in with roommates, all signs indicate that she’s no longer living with Gino after they finished filming for the second season of “90 Day: Last Resort.”

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