‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Shares Vegas Vacation With Fans

Undoubtedly, Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown, is in a new chapter of her life. She is going through the journey of grieving Garrison Brown. While no one would wish the loss of a son on even their worst enemy, Janelle is choosing joy despite the pain. Likewise, Janelle is taking time to heal her soul with family, friends, and travel.


Janelle Brown - Sister Wives

Janelle Brown Vows To Stay Connected To Those She Loves Most

Notably, it has been just over three months since the loss of Janelle and Kody Brown’s son, Garrison Brown. While this untimely death is difficult for the entire Brown family, his mother, Janelle Brown, is moving through a barrage of “firsts” without her son. But Janelle is embracing life surrounding herself with the people she loves most. Additionally, she is pouring her energy into getting healthy and placing value on the most important parts of her life. According to The Sun, she vows to live a life centered on her kids. An insider says, “I know she’s going to spend her life focusing on her kids.” Furthermore, this mission is taking her to many places while seeing those she loves and misses along the way.


Janelle Brown, Instagram Sister Wives

Janelle Brown Shares Vegas Vacation With Fans

While Janelle Brown has taken time with Maddie, Gabriel, Savannah, Michelle Petty, and Logan Brown, her travels are extending to other family and friends as well. On Janelle Brown’s Instagram page, she let fans know she is having a great time on vacation. Showing off a beautiful scenic view, Janelle is back in Vegas. She captions: “First night in Vegas. My dear friend @agelventertainment joined me as we both rode the @highrollervegas for the first time. I never took the opportunity to go when we lived here and Alice, a long time resident, hadn’t either. We rode at the perfect time as the sun was beginning to set.”


Janelle Brown and Alice Goldstein are reunited in Vegas. - Instagram

Notably, the Browns lived in Las Vegas, NV, for more than seven years. They built their plural lives together and had many friends in the area. While in Vegas she is spending time with her good friend, Alice Goldstein, who owns the entertainment management company that keeps up with the Brown family affairs.


Janelle Brown and Alice Goldstein always have fun together. - Instagram

Fans Send Their Love

After Janelle Brown showed the gorgeous view of Las Vegas, Sister Wives fans sent her love in the comments.

The beautiful sky in Vegas. - Instagram
  • “I really admire the way you live your life right now!!! With so much grief you are still able to enjoy so many things in life!!!”
  • “Gosh, how beautiful! I hope you had a lovely time! Also, shout out to you for doing all of the things YOU like and want to do for yourself and your friends.”
  • “Janelle! You look stunning! I’m so glad you are having fun!❤️.”
  • “You look mahvelous darling! Enjoy your time you have earned it!”


Taking in the bright lights of Vegas. - Instagram


What do you think about Janelle Brown’s Vegas vacation? Do you think it is food for her weary soul? Have you spent time in Vegas? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.


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