Kim Drop New Dating With Usman! Jasmin Baby Bump 😯! Get Ready To Be Shocked

Kimberly from “90 Day Fiancé” is gaining attention after showing support for Angela Deem, believing Michael Ilesanmi is scamming her friend and suggesting authorities be called. Known for her failed relationship with Usman Umar, the 53-year-old is looking forward to finding a new partner. Recently, she shared a photo with co-star Rob War, calling him her new BFF, though some doubt they are just friends due to her history of dating younger men. Kimberly clarified it was a group get-together, but speculation remains.

Kimberly has been spreading positivity on social media, sharing posts about family trips. Last week, she uploaded a stunning beach photo from San Diego, California, showing she is living her best life after heartbreaks. She also wished her late mother a happy birthday on social media, expressing how much she misses her but assuring followers she will stay strong.

Meanwhile, Jasmine from “90 Day Fiancé” is angry with Gino for secretly recording other women in pageants to help her improve her posture, accusing him of being a pervert. Gino, acting as Jasmine’s manager, believed the recordings would help her in the pageant world, but Jasmine disagreed, leading to arguments and tension between them.

Darcy Silva’s weight loss journey is raising concerns among fans. Known for constantly seeking a curvy body, Darcy has undergone several surgeries and recently lost 40 lbs through an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. Fans worry she looks too thin and unhealthy, noting her angular face and altered appearance. Darcy continues to promote her weight loss methods on social media, despite backlash and accusations of exploiting controversial drugs like Ozempic for instant results.

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