Janelle Brown is still grieving the loss of her beloved son, Garrison Brown. Losing a child is an excruciating experience, and Janelle is learning to navigate life without him. To cope with the tragedy, the ‘Sister Wives’ star has immersed herself in family activities, spending a lot of time with her other children. Janelle recently visited her daughter Madison Brown to keep herself busy with her grandkids, though Garrison’s absence is irreplaceable, and she struggles to adapt to the changes in her life. Despite putting on a brave face to show that she has moved on, Janelle occasionally shares her grief with her followers on social media.

Recently, Janelle opened up about her first Mother’s Day without Garrison. On Instagram, she posted a picture of a strawberry rhubarb pie she made and expressed how the day was filled with grief. Janelle shared that Mother’s Day was never just another holiday for her as her kids always made her feel special. However, this year was different; the grief was palpable throughout the weekend. Making the pie, a family favorite, especially beloved by Garrison, made the day bittersweet. Fans were deeply moved by Janelle’s post, expressing their sympathy and support. Many felt that finding the rhubarb unexpectedly was a sign that Garrison was still with her in spirit.

In another part of the Brown family’s ongoing story, Hunter Brown has recently left the country. Although he has appeared less frequently on ‘Sister Wives’ in recent years, he remains on fans’ radar. Hunter shared photos on Instagram of his time in the UK with his doctor and father, enjoying life to the fullest while processing the loss of his brother.

Aspyn Brown and her husband, Mitchell Thompson, maintain a low profile, participating in family functions but keeping much of their personal lives private. Their relationship appears strong and fulfilling, with fans appreciating Aspyn’s calm and direct approach to family matters, including her interactions with Kody Brown.

Meanwhile, Robyn Brown has faced accusations of dishonesty, which some fans believe have contributed to the family’s fractures. The revelation that she lied about choosing her wedding dress is seen by some as a pivotal moment that set the tone for future conflicts.

The Browns’ move from Utah to Las Vegas and then to Arizona, along with the decriminalization of polygamy in Utah in 2020, has added layers to their complex family dynamics. Christine Brown’s desire to return to Utah was not shared by all family members, leading to further division, particularly with Janelle. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated these tensions, especially between Kody and his adult children, including Garrison and Gabriel.

Mary Brown has also been on a personal journey, focusing on self-improvement and embracing a healthier lifestyle after her split from Kody. Despite facing criticism for her new business venture, her weight loss and confidence have been notable.

As the Brown family continues to navigate their individual and collective struggles, fans remain deeply invested in their journey. The grief over Garrison’s death has left an indelible mark, but moments of connection and shared memories, like Janelle’s pie-making, provide some comfort and a sense of ongoing presence.

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