Gino and Jasmine’s relationship has been a rollercoaster, but their dynamic has taken a dark turn. Jasmine’s psychotic side, which she’s been trying to control since coming to the States, has finally emerged. Gino, on the other hand, has been acting a bit sinister, and his behavior today has pushed Jasmine to her limits. The last time we saw them, they had come to an understanding about having a baby. Jasmine said “not now,” but didn’t rule it out entirely, giving Gino a sliver of hope.

Back in Michigan, Jasmine has found a new purpose: preparing for a beauty pageant. This new goal is helping her to be less depressed, giving her something to focus on besides her family situation. However, Gino doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm. While Jasmine is committed to serious workouts, Gino appears to be there just to goof around.

Despite their financial stress, Gino hasn’t returned to work. He complains about money yet encourages Jasmine to participate in the expensive pageant. Jasmine hopes Gino’s failure to pay the participation fee was an oversight, but his reaction suggests otherwise. It seems deliberate, adding to the confusion about their financial situation.

Jasmine feels trapped and controlled by Gino. She has no financial independence and relies on him for everything, even basic necessities. This level of control is beginning to feel shady. Jasmine’s frustration boils over as Gino cuts her workout short for no apparent reason, then makes an unplanned stop for smoothies, highlighting his inconsistent behavior.

Their arguments reveal deeper issues. Jasmine resents Gino for not working and for controlling their finances. Gino, on the other hand, feels unappreciated. This power struggle is wearing on their relationship. Jasmine, once determined to make the best of her situation in the U.S., now questions whether staying is worth the emotional toll.

Gino’s behavior seems increasingly manipulative, using finances to control what Jasmine can or can’t do. This toxic dynamic is eroding their relationship, leaving Jasmine feeling isolated and powerless in a foreign country.

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